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Welcome to the National Confidential Enquiry
into Patient Outcome and Death

This year NCEPOD celebrates 27 years of promoting improvements in health care. We have published 39 reports derived from a vast array of information about the practical management of patients. 

The distinctive feature of NCEPOD's contribution is the critical examination, by senior and appropriately chosen specialists, of what has actually happened to the patients.  Our recommendations have covered everything from individual clinical practice to national healthcare organisation, always with the aim of improving patient care and safety.

NCEPOD will continue to support hospitals and doctors to ensure that the highest possible quality of safe patient care is delivered.

GIH: Time to Get Control? (2015)
Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage:
Time to Get Control? (2015)
LLA: Working Together (2014)
Lower Limb Amputation:
Working Together (2014)
TC: On the Right Trach? (2014)
Tracheostomy Care:
On the Right Trach? (2014)
Improving the quality of medical and surgical care.


The core work of NCEPOD is undertaken as part of the Clinical Outcome Review Programme



Bullet NCEPOD report launch for the Sepsis study on November 24th 2015 at The Royal College of Surgeons of England, London. To book click here.

Bullet Use ncepod@nhs.net for secure transfer of data
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A key role of NCEPOD is to make recommendations based on the findings of the reports we undertake.

Classification of Intervention

Please click here to find out more about our updated categories.

Topic Selection

Annual call for topics is now open - click here to download a proposal form.

Urban Myths

Clarification of an incorrect urban myth about NCEPOD recommendations.
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