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Main Report
Section 1 - Study Protocol (74KB)
Section 2 - Facilities (110KB)
Section 3 - Medical Workforce in the NHS (70KB)
Section 4 - The Pattern of Work (51KB)
Section 5 - Day Case Surgery (65KB)
Section 6 - Elective Surgery in the NHS (66KB)
Section 7 - Non-Elective Surgery in the NHS (87KB)
Section 8 - Investigation of Out of Hours Cases in the NHS (78KB)
Section 9 - Index Cases (161KB)
Section 10 - Deaths Reported to NCEPOD 2001/02 (57KB)

References (55KB)

Appendices (392KB)
A Reported deaths by hospital
B Glossary
C Abbreviations
D Questionnaires
E NCEPOD corporate structure
F Local Reporters and Study Contacts

Data Supplement to the 2003 Report (112Kb)

Study Questionnaires (2 Qs.)
Below are a list of questionnaires used in the study available for download. Click each to download as a pdf file.
Study Questionnaire
Organisational Questionnaire