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Surgery in Children: Are We There Yet? (2011)

This NCEPOD report highlights the process of care of children less than 18 years of age, including neonates who died within 30 days of emergency or elective surgery on the same admission. The report takes a critical look at areas where the care of patients might have been improved. Remediable factors have also been identified in the clinical and the organisational care of these patients.
Download Report

View/Save Report (765Kb)
An Adobe Acrobat copy of this report is available to view/save. The Adobe Acrobat reader is required which is free to download here.

Download Summary Report

Executive Summary (300Kb)
An Adobe Acrobat copy of the summary of this report is available to view/save. The Adobe Acrobat reader is required which is free to download here.

Download SIC Toolkit Audit toolkit
Please click here to download the full Surgery in Children toolkit.
Report Slides Slides (14Mb)
Dr Hannah Shotton, Clincal Researcher, NCEPOD
Dr David Mason, Clinicial Co-ordinator, NCEPOD
Dr Kathy Wilkinson, Clinical Co-ordinator, NCEPOD
Professor Michael Gough, Clinicial Co-ordinator, NCEPOD
(To download the Microsoft PowerPoint viewer please click here.)

Are We There Yet? - Review of the NCEPOD report (622kb)
Professor Terence Stephenson, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health & Professor of Child Health at the University of Nottingham.

Are We There Yet? - Review of the NCEPOD report (355Kb)
Dr Ann Hoskins, Regional Director of Public Health/Director of Children, Young People & Maternity Services in the North West.

Are We There Yet? - How Can We Get to Where we Wish to Be? (0.8Mb)
Dr Graham Shortland, Medical Director & Consultant Paediatrician at the
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Are We There Yet? - A response from the Children's Surgical Forum (0.8Mb)
Miss Su-Anna Boddy, Chair of the Children's Surgical Forum of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

The Adobe Acrobat reader is required which is free to download here.

  Organisational Data Comparisons
Organisational data provided by all hospitals that completed this section of the study has been analysed and categorised by the type of hospital as indicated by each hospital in the organisational questionnaire.

Self assessment checklist for trusts (84Kb)
This tool allows Trusts to check their progress in adopting NCEPOD's recommendations following the 2011 report 'Are We There Yet?'. This tool is for your use, and information generated should be shared within your trust. We do not require the completed forms to be returned to NCEPOD.
(If you require a Microsoft Word reader, please click here).

To download a Microsoft Excel version of the self assessment checklist, please click here.
(If you require a Microsoft Excel reader, please click here).

Excluded OPCS codes
This list relates to Table 1.1 on page 14 of the full report. 
Download Questionnaires Study Questionnaires (3 Qs.)
Below are a list of questionnaires used in the study available for download. Click each to download as a pdf file.
Clinical Questionnaire
Anaesthetic Questionnaire
Organisational Questionnaire
Organisational Questionnaire (supplement sheet)
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